Genesys Covid Offer

Genesys Covid Offer

SuccessKPI, a premium AppFoundry parter, has joined hands with Genesys to battle the impact of COVID-19 and help businesses serving our communities by providing free access to the BI and Analytics reporting suite.

Who can take advantage of this offer?

Any Genesys customer currently taking advantage of Genesys Free 90 Day COVID offer.

What is included in the free offer?

– 90 Days of Real-time and Historical Analytics for unlimited number of agents

– 100 hours of transcription and speech analytics, sentiment analysis and sentiment analytics

– Enterprise grade data warehouse and Business Intelligence tools to customize dashboards

What are the benefits?

– Immediately begin using the out-of-the-box real time and historical dashboards

– Customize your own dashboards to meet emergency and urgent deadlines

– Setup automated and scheduled email subscriptions to key stakeholders

– Blend Genesys Cloud data with third party data sources (e.g. as, Zendesk, Google Analytics)

– Quickly leverage speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and key word spotting tools in cross domain analysis with contact center data

– Test drive “Playbooks” to develop automation routines to improve business outcomes

How long does it last?

Runs concurrent with the 90-day Genesys offer.

How can I get this?

Instant activation instructions can be found at the at the Genesys AppFounry link click here

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Genesys Covid Offer

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