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Speech & Text

Identify topics and sentiments to drive business outcomes like Sales Effectiveness, Reduce Churn, Improve Agent Performance & Compliance.

Our SaaS Platform, Playbook Builder (R), not only helps customers identify key phrases from various multi-channel interactions along with Sentiments but also key Entities like Brands, Location. Customers have ability to easily blend the speech and text results with that of other contact center data through our world class BI tool.

Amazon Connect


Amazon Connect

Coach and train your agents through strategies as well as machine driven scoring. Each interaction is scored based on strategy defined by the customers and then call to action is triggered if one or more of the pre-defined conditions are met.

Customers also have ability to create questionnaires and then rate specific set of interactions to provide specific feedback to agents. All the evaluation data can then be easily blended with speech, IVR and Routing data through our integrated BI tool.

Contact Center Analytics

Get complete insight into your contact center by blending IVR, and Routing data with Speech & Text Analytics results integrated with BI Tools.

We offer data blending and visualizations for more than 50 different data sources, including but not limited to, Salesforce, Amazon Connect, Lex, S3, Google Analytics.

All reports and dashboards are also available in your Mobile devices (Android/iPhone) as well as iPads out-of-box.

Amazon Connect

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