Amazon Connect driving huge innovation in Contact Centre

Contact center is 10B+ industry with very few legacy vendors. These players had huge responsibility to provide the customer experience for business across the world over decades and I must admit, they failed to come even close. When was the last time you loved interacting with an IVR or speaking to an agent? I don’t […]

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Speech Analytics going mainstream

Speech Analytics has been around for long time within contact center but less than 5% of contact centers out there leverage this technology. Based on latest survey conducted by SuccessKPIs, more than 80% contact center find speech analytics useful. That’s a huge gap between and a ‘business need’ and actual ‘market penetration’. There are various […]

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Reduce Customer Churn through Speech & Text Analytics

Speech and Text Analytics, if done right, can help you improve many business outcomes and Reducing Churn is no exception. Before we look at how speech platforms can help businesses improve customer retention, let’s understand what churn is and how its valuable to businesses. In very simple terms, churn is the rate at which you […]

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