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How It Works?

Identify Problem

Pick the business outcome you want to improve like reduce churn or Improve Sales

Import Playbook

Import Playbook through Playbook Builder (R) which will automatically import all the relevant topics, phrases, & strategies which can be further customized

Call to Action

Create rules based action for each interaction like creating lead in or SMS alert

Analyze Results

BI integration to slice and dice results and create your own visualizations. Then set scheduled delivery of dashboards

About us

SaaS Platform from SuccessKPIs provides Playbook Builder (R) which allows customers to download out-of-box playbook from Library based on business outcomes they want to drive. It would automatically create all the related artifacts like:

  • Strategies with Scores,
  • Topics with Phrases &
  • Call to Action.

Once artifacts are downloaded, they can be further customized to specific customer’s needs.

Contact Details

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+1 800-215-7619

Chantilly, VA

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